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These packages are full-service: we do everything you need to have custom designed, custom written, massive websites... with our extremely powerful Admin Panel and our powerful Directory Listing Service.

(Note: Want to order individual items, instead of the full service? Visit our Website Store to customize your order.)

MMWG Competitor Package



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We do all the work, including purchasing the domain names, setting up the hosting accounts, installing the software, showing you template designs for your approval, coding the website, fitting the website to its custom Admin Panel, having our professional copywriters create your content, make it live for you, making your website massive (a page for every geo-targeted keyword usually comes to more than 1000 pages which we will make for your website, and we'll ensure that Google likes these pages), setting up an Affiliate System & Coupon System for you (so you can easily invite resellers/partners to work with you), submitting your sitemaps to Google so they can index your website, and creating directory listings for your website in literally 300 of the top sources online (Bing, MerchantCircle, YellowPages, etc). You will then be able to create unlimited website copies based on each Template, using the 'Export' feature: it allows you to easily create variation websites as zip files or directly upload them to anywhere, via FTP. Just let us know the design you want us to model. And we create great content as part of this project-- our Native English Professional Copywriters know your industry, and will create content for you (up to 800 words/template), guaranteed to be readable and pass Copyscape checks. This is included with the service, for no extra cost. You can buy this option, for any business or industry, anytime.

All we need from you are these 5 items:

  1. The link to a webpage you want your new MMWG Template to emulate.
  2. Whether we are allowed to use the content from that website for your new template.
  3. Whether we are allowed to use the images from that website for your new template.
  4. Whether we are allowed to use the logo from that website for your new template.
  5. Your desired domain name(s) if you have a preference. Check here for availability.

(We will create anything we can't use from the list above, to finish your Template.)

Domain Name, Hosting, Admin Panel, Professional Copywriting, and your ability to create unlimited website copies are all included.

** Note: a great advantage of having several templates is being able to also have several Google Local Listings spots. Having multiple front page results directly drives your ROI much higher than 1 website can possibly do.

This is a complete done-for-you package, so your website can interest visitors, and you can get more sales. Click the 'Buy Now' button above to get started!

Stacked Variations Package


$300.00 for 3!

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What are Stacked Variations?

* This option assumes you already have at least 1 MMWG template.

This is different than having different websites: these are variations based on one template. This is a cheap way to have us create variations for you professionally, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.

Professional Variations:

These are variations to any one template, regardless of order size. These can be ordered in batches for any template.

That means we can create as many variations to any one template as you wish, and we will provide professionally written content for each variation (up to 800 words per variation).

All variations will pass HTML Validation checks, and all variations can instantly be used to create new websites for yourself or your clients.

*Remember: all MMWG Templates/Websites have error-free coding and are mobile-ready.

* What this is:

We take a template of your choice, and create professionally different variations for it, using combinations of images, logos, color schemes, fonts, sidebar alignments, etc.

You will be able to use the different variations together on your FeedForms, to automatically produce 20+ rich, varied websites in a single step, as often as you wish.

This way, you will already have prepared, unique variations to work with, when creating websites for yourself (and for your clients).

You can order multiple sets per website.

** Note: each order is for a single template. Please place your orders for separate templates as separate orders.

After you make this purchase,

Simply send the MMWG Admin Panel login info and Template Name you want your variations for, here:

(Please include your PayPal Transaction ID or PayPal Email, so we can match your Job to your Payment.)

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